We weren’t the first ones and we won’t be the last either. Only we know exactly what we did. Whether what we did was righteous or wrong, we wouldn’t admit it. There we others like us, they were from other places. The public had to be shielded from the kind of things we did. They didn’t need to know. It was for their and our own good, they said. The government couldn’t do it because if they did somebody would have asked questions and somebody would have to answer those questions. But if private citizens has volunteered to do the job then it was a donation for a cause.

It was complicated, but it was real simple too. It was the good guys against the bad guys. The government didn’t want to get involved, but they were eyeballs deep in it already. Nobody would admit to knowing anything about it.

It was complicated because the bad guys were complicated. They didn’t belong there. They figured out how to be bad guys in places that were easy to be bad guys. So the people who didn’t belong there either had to go get them without embarrassing or involving the governments.

So that’s why what we did didn’t happen – and we weren’t there either.

But we were there.

Some government people were there too. When they were there, nobody could tell who was whom, and we liked it that way. We could hide amongst ourselves. That way we were more efficient in doing things that were never done.

We’d always win, but it’s not only the bad guys who’d loose. And we would have causalities too. We have lost too many of our guys trying to stop the insanity. Those who were helpless and clueless for all the reasons not their own, for no fault of their own, also paid prices too high to pay for this insanity.

We weren’t there to conquer land or people, we were there to help. To get the bad guys. We were the clean-up crew, basically. The trash collectors.

Nobody cared about the janitors until something didn’t get cleaned up. So if everything was clean, nobody cared. So just like those who weren’t there cleaning up a mess that also wasn’t there, somebody will still be there cleaning up a mess that doesn’t exist. I bet you that there somebody there right now, and if not, somebody will be.

We Weren’t There