Colors. I know people have died trying to protect it. It’s a sign, a symbol, an insignia. You can display it, fly it as a flag, and you can even wear it. And when you wear it, you can die in it. When you wear it, it becomes a huge part of what you are. To me the uniform is extremely important. It tells others who you are and exactly what you stand for.

In ancient Japan, the samurai had elaborate battle dress that still impresses us today. These elaborate battle dress were not used to simply impress however. The obvious reason was to show others who he was and which side he belonged to. But the significant reason was that the outfit the warrior wore was to be properly dressed for his death in combat. The warrior wore the elaborate battle dress so that he could die in it and show the victor who he was and what he stood for.

To me, that is pure honor. If I am going to die in combat I want to die with honor.

Some fighters though, do not wear a uniform or battle dress, rather they wear the clothes of the innocents. They wear these regular streets clothes to hide amongst women and children, ready to use them as shields for their own lives. Those who do this and die without a uniform – a ideal to represent – die without honor and as a coward.