We had four hours to get the job done. From the time out hot rod airplane’s landing gear touched down to the moment the wheels lifted off: we only had four hours. So all of the homework needed to be done, and was done.

The SUVs were waiting for use when we landed, with engines running. We ran down the ramp and jumped into our respectable Mekongs (SUVs). We sped through he virtually empty streets, but heavy for the 4AM local time. We arrived at our destination and we got our update: “Increase your alert level all the way up. He’s expecting us.”

“Great”, I said. I was on point.

We move. Two three-man teams surrounded the multistory building. My team and I entered the building. We went directly to the target’s apartment.  French designed building, ornate decorations, and long hallways.

We arrive at the door.

We take places.

I nod and the #3 man opens the door. I walk into a long corridor. A door to my left and the entry way into the living area to my left, two more closed doors at the end of the corridor. Is top and clear the living area, then I proceed to the end of the hallway. I sense something. The target is in the room behind the door directly ahead.

My finger automatically slips inside the trigger guard or my Sig. I motion to go directly/straight to the this door and to skip the other one. Not procedure. I motion anyway and we go ahead. I make my place. #2 man opens the door. There he is: sitting in a chair facing the door with a smile on his face and holding a gun to his own head.

I take aim and hear a band. My gun has a silencer… not the right sound. I had shot his pistol out of his hand. #2 and #3 rush in and take the target into custody. One of them said “nice job, Spooky”, as we exited the apartment.

The rest of the team cover our departure and rendezvous at the plane.

At 1 hour and 56 minutes, the wheels lift off. Once at cruising altitude, I hear guys talking about how I broke procedures but somehow I knew where the target was. I hear one of them say: “That’s why they call him Spooky”.

Four Hours