We get paged into the debriefing room. They tell us we’re going on a job. But first, we all have to train for it.

Cool, we think. It must be heavy.

We start to train, hard.

It starts to lag on.

We get new intel, change in tactics.

We retrain, start all over.

It’s cool, it happens.

Training continues, and continues.

We keep training.

New intel.

Change in tactics, again.

Then it’s cancelled.

Then it’s back on.

We keep training.

We’re tired now.

We’re on the edge.

We start making stupid mistakes.

We start pushing and shoving.

We break up a fight.

We’re frazzled

We regroup, we’re focused again.

We’re ready to go, we’re pros, we’re big boys.

Our CO comes in and addresses us. “Gentlemen, you can all go home. The mission has been scrubbed.