I’m in some kind of a time warp. Everything’s in slow motion.

There are too many things happening all around me. I’m looking but I can’t see.

There is so much noise, I can’t hear. I see bad guys. I aim my rifle, squeeze my trigger twice. I send six rounds down range. They all hit their mark. But the bad guys are still coming. I thumb my selector switch to full auto. I squeeze the trigger again, nothing. I yank on the charging handle and try again. Still nothing.

The bad guys are right in front of me. I see the trip of a bayonet. My rifle is jammed. It won’t fire. The bad guys are right on top of me.

I scream. I sit up. I look at my hands. It’s dark and I’m drenched in my own sweat. My hearts pounding in my ears. I rub my eyes. Take a breath.

It was just a nightmare, again.


Just Another Nightmare