It’s raining like I’ve never seen before. Makes Texas rain storms look like spring showers. It’s hard to believe rain drops could be so huge.

I’m balls deep in a leech infested mud puddle the locals use for some sort of irrigation control. I’m walking forward towards the other side of this mud hole and it gets deeper every step I take. I’m holding my M-4 above my head, but the huge rain drops splash mud all over my face and on my rifle.  I’m covered in mud and it’s everywhere. In my ear, up my nose, and the fucking leeches are sucking my blood, I just know it.

Then the rain stops, just like that. And only after a few moments, the fucking sun comes out. If it wasn’t for all the water everywhere, it’s like it never rained before.

I’m making my way towards the other side of the pond when I hear screams. I look around and I see a face looking back at me, smiling. I recognize the face. This punk is on the wanted list, the “apprehend if possible” list. For us, it meant shoot on sight list.

I look closer and I see he’s got a young woman on the ground and he’s on top of her. She’s struggling and fighting but he’s too strong for this young woman. He’s ripped off her clothes and he’s already raped her.

I aim my gun and squeeze the trigger but the mud jammed the receiver and it won’t clear.

I hear another scream and I look up to see the bastard holding a knife up over his head ready to stab the woman. I’m doing my best to clear the gun but it just will not clear. I try to run over to where they’re at but the mud is so thick I can’t move. I reach for my sidearm but it’s stuck in my holster. I’m all pissed off and scared for this woman. I can’t do anything but try to scream but the humidity keeps my voice from coming out.

I look up again and I see nothing but total fear on her face, crying out for me to help her but I can’t do anything. Then I see the fucking smile on this piece of shit’s face. I know what he’s going to do; he’s about to stab her. And I can’t stop him and the worst part of it, is that he knows I can’t do anything.

I hear her cry out, “Help me, please…”

Then I see blood everywhere.

I yell out in rage.

I feel a touch on my arm, and it’s shaking me. Then I hear a familiar voice, “Honey, wake up. You’re dreaming again. “

I wake up, confused, pissed off and totally helpless. It’s that dream again. The one that leaves me paralyzed; Fucked up for days. 0330. I guess it’s time to get up.

I Am Mud